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The Way of the Cocktail

JAMES BEARD AWARD WINNER � A rich, transportive guide to the world of Japanese cocktails from acclaimed bartender Julia Momos� of Kumiko. ONE OF THE TEN BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Boston Globe � ONE OF THE BEST COOKBOOKS OF THE YEAR: Vanity Fair, Food52, Wired � "A love letter to the art of preparing a drink."-Vanity Fair With its studious devotion to tradition, craftsmanship, and hospitality, Japanese cocktail culture is an art form treated with reverence. In this essential guide, Japanese American bartender Julia Momos� of Kumiko and Kikk? in Chicago takes us on a journey into this realm. She educates and inspires while breaking down master techniques and delving into the soul of the culture: the traditions and philosophy, the tools and the spirits-and the complex layering of these elements that makes this approach so significant. The recipes are inspired by the twenty-four micro-seasons that define the flow of life in Japan. Enter a world where the spiced woodsy cocktail called Autumn�s Jacket evokes the smoldering burn of smoking rice fields in fall, and where the Delicate Refusal tells the tale of spring�s tragic beauty, with tequila blanco and a flutter of sakura petals. Perfected classics like the Manhattan and Negroni, riffs on some of Japan�s most beloved cocktails like the Whisky Highball, and even alcohol-free drinks influenced by ingredients such as yuzu, matcha, and um� round out the collection.

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