Shipping FAQ’s

What are my shipping options?

You can ship your order via USPS or UPS.  You can select the "pick up" option and we'll have your order ready for pick up from the shop within 24 hours! 

I live in the neighborhood and I don't want to pay ship costs, can I just pick it up in store?

Of course!! Upon checking out you will be asked if you would like to have your order shipped or if you would like to pick it up. Once your order is ready for pick up (typically within 24 hours) we will mark it as ready for pick up from our end at which point you will get an email with pick up instructions!

When will my order ship?

Covid-19 Update: All orders are shipping within 3 days max. Most are being shipped the day they are placed or within 48 hours of being placed, and all orders are guaranteed to be on their way to you within 3 days!

Orders typically ship within 3 business days of being placed.

During the holiday season - typically Thanksgiving through the end of January - please allow up to 5 business days for your order to ship. This is our busiest time in store and online so our small staff may need a few days to get your order together and wrapped up nicely! 

Can I track my package?

Upon placing your order online, you will receive an order confirmation email. Once your order has been shipped, you will receive a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number.

How are orders packaged for shipment?

We appreciate every single order we receive and treat each one with care. All breakable items are wrapped in protective layers of bubble wrap (including one more layer for good luck because better safe than sorry). Any flat items we're worried about being bent (stickers, cards, etc) are placed between cardboard to keep them flat. And we generally like sprucing up the box so you get to have fun unwrapping and looking through your new purchases! 

My order is a gift - can you wrap it and / or include a note?

Of course!! Everyone on staff genuinely loves to wrap gifts - we take extra care to take off price tags and wrap things up nicely! Please just let us know in the order comments (at the bottom of the cart page) that you would like your order to be gift wrapped, as well as if we should include a note from you and what it should say! If you already placed your order but it hasn't shipped yet no worries - call the shop at 609-688-0777 or email us at  ASAP and we'll take care of it!

Any questions about shipping, delivery, or pick up we didn't answer above? Call us at 09-688-0777, or email us at and a real person will help you out.