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"We create furniture that lasts and tells a story"

Every barn tells a story.  It all started a century or two ago, when beams and boards were hand-hewn from old growth trees to create structures across the American landscape.  Cherished for their artistry and cultural significance, barns reflect our rich heritage and the nature of the land itself.

Homestead Princeton celebrates the legacy of these structures, preserving the old and vintage, to give the precious natural resource -barnwood- a second life.  We painstakingly handcraft one-of-a-kind home furnishings and home accents from reclaimed lumber, rescuing vintage wood from idled barns, mills and other structures from the American homestead. 

We give new life to salvaged lumber and our pieces exhibit unique characteristics that proudly wear the signs of time and use. Each piece evokes its heritage and an enduring solidity that can be passed on for generations.

Our craftsmen take great care to preserve the character of the material they work with.  We create the finest quality products in the most sustainable process possible.

Homestead Princeton is the only furniture store in New Jersey recognized as a "Sustainable Business" by the New Jersey Sustainable Business Initiative (NJSBI).  Our socially responsible and sustainable practices demonstrate our concern and regard for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment.




The Canadel collection is full of truly timeless pieces that work well in a host of décor styles, from modern to traditional, rustic to refined. Whatever your style, Canadel’s exceptional craftsmanship will not disappoint! 

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