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The Coffee Book

Go on a journey from bean to brew and explore the history of coffee, its production, and how to become an expert barista at home. Are you a coffee lover who wants to learn how to extract the perfect brew? This coffee guide and recipe book is a must-have for anyone looking for information and inspiration to experiment with different beans, methods, and flavors. Inside this go-to guide to all things coffee, you�ll discover: � The essential coffee brewing equipment to help you extract and brew all kinds of coffee with confidence � Explore the origins of coffee from how cherries are grown, the process of coffee harvesting, and processing into the coffee beans you know and love � A region-by-region tour of leading coffee-producing countries highlights local processing techniques and different coffee flavor profiles � Visual step-by-step techniques show you how to roast the beans, prepare an espresso shot, steam milk, and make delicious coffees, just like a barista! � Over 100 recipes to suit every taste including dairy-free alternatives to milk

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