Homestead Princeton

Old World Globe Stand

The Old World at your fingertips. Emblematic of 17th Century science. Uniting precious bronze with hardwood and hand applied paper gores on a papier-mache' core. Legendary cartographer, Jodocus Hondius, worked in Amsterdam during the 1600's, then one of the world's commercial hubs. Galleons sailing oceans to the farthest corners of the then known world. Exotic cultures, languages, people and goods to be traded, bought and sold. Gold and ivory, spices and silks. Spin the world and enjoy a touch of true history. Classic Globe Stand with 17th Century Hondius Globe Rosewood, Brass & Plastic w/Paper Gores Ivory, Polished Bronze & Black Honey Distressed French Finish Weight: 6.85 lbs. Diameter: 14.25 in. Height: 21.75 in.

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