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How To Accessorize

Micaela Erlanger has dressed and accessorized many celebrities for the red carpet, now she�s sharing her hottest fashion tips for finishing any outfit with you. It�s chock-full of tips on what you really want to know: Do your bag and shoes need to match? Can you mix metals? What�s the most flattering way to tie a scarf? Whether you�re dressing for your birthday party, date night, a job interview, or just a trip to the supermarket, this book will help you look�and feel�confident and chic. You don�t need a red carpet budget to benefit from her advice. You�ll learn: � The Sunnies Algorithm: Identify your face shape and the perfect sunglasses for you. � A Flick of the Wrist: Learn to layer cuffs, bangles, chain bracelets, and charms. � Your Accessory Recipe: Avoid overaccessorizing in a few simple steps. � Steady Incline: How to choose a heel you can walk in. � Make It Up: Select a statement lip or a smoky eye. � The Rules of Seasonality: Know which fabrics work for which seasons, and which ones work all year round.

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