Simple tips for choosing the right size rug for your living room.


When it comes to refreshing and transforming your room the right size and well-made rug is essential. Rugs can transform your living space and make it comfortable and cozy. Here are some simple tips for choosing the right size rug.

1.      Most living room rugs are 8’x10’ or 9’x12’. Your rug should be at least 6-8” wider than your sofa on both sides. Typically run the rug the length of your sofa. You should have 30-36” of walkway between large furniture pieces if your room allows it. If your room is smaller try to have at least 18-24” of walkway between large furniture pieces.

2.     With a few exceptions the rug should be big enough that at least two legs of all other furniture in the room are on the rug.

3.     Most area rugs should be 10-18” (even 24”) from your wall.

4.     Measure out your desired rug size with painter’s tape to get a sense of how it will feel.

5.     Color coordinate your rug. Find different shades of the same color and layer them based on the preferred look. 

6.     Decorating your room with a strong patterned rug and bold throw pillows could feel overwhelming. Using a rug with muted tones and bold throw pillows or doing the opposite with a bold rug and neutral throw pillows can be the perfect solution. 

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