Simple tips for bringing Spring into your home.

Spring has Sprung and now is a perfect time to refresh your space and bring in some sunshine and happiness to your home. Spruce up your interiors for springtime with these simple tips.

1. One of the simplest ways is to add some springtime flowers. Whether it’s a store-bought bouquet or some fresh from your garden, they are guaranteed to transform your room into a spring oasis.

2.A spring tablescape can be a beautiful way to celebrate the season with friends and family when dining both inside and out, establishing a unique, stylish, and inviting atmosphere around your dining table. A colorful table runner or placements, napkins, glassware, candles and even table gifts (little chocolate Easter bunnies) can brighten any celebration.

My personal recommendations and favorites:

Chilewich placements and table runners. Easy to clean, Colorful and Eco friendly. These are Indoor/Outdoor mats and table runners. They are made with renewable vegetable content & 100% phthalate free.  

Ombre Sunrise Table Mat – Homestead Princeton

Napkins Holders. I love all the serving pieces from Pampa Bay. Their napkin holders make every celebration a special one. 

Pampa Bay Napkin Rings, Set of 4 – Homestead Princeton

My favorite glassware is from Villeroy & Boch. The craftmanship and quality makes this glassware my absolute favorite. It’s timeless, simple and classic.

Barware – Homestead Princeton

Spring Candles. I love Lafco candles. My favorite is the Sea and Dune but for Spring, Capri Blue, Aloha Orchid Blue is my favorite. It smells like fresh flowers. 

Capri Blue – Homestead Princeton

3. Pillows, both indoor and outdoor. A quick, easy and inexpensive way you can transform a room to feel fresh and colorful for spring is to style your space with new soft furnishings, such as pillows, cushions, blankets and throws.

You can never go wrong with floral pillows or pillows that have brighter colors than you normally have out. For a big impact, switching up one or two pillows with pops of pink or patterns that pull from nature to automatically make the room feel different for springtime.'

A room full of colors and textures is uplifting.  I like to use use lighter materials with brighter color palettes or floral designs for spring.

4. Throws. A beautifully textured throw is a perfect accent to drape over your favorite couch or at the foot of your bed, or to fill out any nook or corner. Light pastels of pink, green, yellow or blues can be fun springtime colors to bring a room to life.

5. Moving your furniture. Easy and completely free, switching around your furniture can have a huge impact on refreshing your space for the Springtime. It only takes some muscle and some helpers. It could be moving your sofa to have a good view of the garden as it comes to life or the trees as they begin to bloom. Even if you don’t move the main furniture in a room, such as the sofa, you can play around with side tables, the orientation of the coffee table, accent chairs, and floor cushions.

6. Lastly, floral prints also bring the springtime feel to a home, spring decor ideas include flower-patterned accessories such as rugs, throw pillows and even towels.

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