Fun things to do this Memorial Day weekend!

Memorial Day is a great time to honor and remember those who have served while also spending quality time with family. Here are some fun activities we have done as a family and some that we would like to do:

1. Attend a Memorial Day Parade: Many towns and cities host Memorial Day parades with floats, bands, and community organizations. It's a great way to show support and connect with your community.

The Spirit of Princeton Memorial Day parade is Saturday, May 25th at 10 am. It begins at the intersection of Nassau Street and Princeton Avenue and travels one mile down Nassau Street to Monument Plaza. My kids always love going. There is also the Princeton University’s P-rade the same day that begins at 2 pm at Nassau Hall and passes through campus.

2. Visit a National Cemetery: Paying respects to fallen soldiers by visiting a national cemetery can be a meaningful experience. You can bring flowers to place on grave sites and take a moment to reflect.

3. Have a BBQ or Picnic: Gather your family and friends for a BBQ or picnic in your backyard or at a local park. Enjoy grilling delicious food, playing outdoor games like volleyball or frisbee, and simply relaxing in each other's company.

4. Outdoor Adventure: If you enjoy the outdoors, consider going for a hike, bike ride, or nature walk. Explore a nearby trail or nature reserve and appreciate the beauty of the natural world together.

5. Check out the local shops and restaurants in town. Support Local. Whether you’re making a special trip or you shop after the parade stop by the local shops, cafes and restaurants.

Homestead Princeton will be open on both Saturday and Sunday and on Monday 12-4 pm. Many local shops have Memorial Day sales, including Homestead Princeton. Stop by and say “Hi”. Let us know if you are a Veteran.

6. Watch a Patriotic Movie: Set up an outdoor movie night or have a cozy indoor movie marathon featuring patriotic films. Some classics include "Saving Private Ryan," "Independence Day," or "Flags of Our Fathers."

7. Host a Veteran's Appreciation Event: Invite veterans from your community over for a special meal or gathering to show your appreciation for their service. You can listen to their stories, thank them for their service, and create a supportive environment.

8. Family Game Night: Organize a family game night with board games, card games, or video games. It's a great way to bond and have some friendly competition.

9. Fireworks Display: Many communities host fireworks displays in the evening to celebrate Memorial Day. Find out if there's a local event happening near you and enjoy the spectacle with your family. Our family loves to see Princeton University fireworks. This year they will take place Saturday, May 25th at 9:15 pm at the Princeton Stadium.

Remember, Memorial Day is a time for reflection, gratitude, and spending time with loved ones. Whatever activities you choose, make sure to take a moment to honor the true meaning of the day.

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