Five Design Trends of 2024

Your home, décor and furniture reflect your unique personal style and 2024's interior design trends provide avenues to express your point of view—boldly, with authenticity and intention. Here are five design trends we witnessed in 2023 and will continue to see through 2024.

1. Curved furniture: Anything but a subtle touch, curved sofas and chairs have been major trends recently. In 2024, curved pieces will only become more interesting. We are seeing curves pop up everywhere, especially for sectionals and coffee tables. Curved shapes add contrast and depth to a space, creating a very modern feeling while still being functional.

A curved sofa, while beautiful, may not be the ideal choice for your home. You may opt to go for the classic shape for seating and a curved coffee or side table.

2. Big Artwork: The moment of the gallery wall is fading, and the big artwork is back in style. We are seeing more homes being built with two story spaces. These are the perfect places to have huge pieces of art. Even if you don’t have a two-story room, you can go with a huge piece of art. It is a great way to add a lot of life to a room. Another reason why big artwork is back? It’s far easier to choose one larger, statement piece than multiple smaller pieces.

3. Quiet Luxury: Quiet luxury was one of the biggest interior design trends in 2023. More about style than brands, this aesthetic is here to stay. Quiet Luxury supports intentional shopping. We will see traditional design is once again taking center stage, seeking out elements that are more unique, dramatic, and notable. Bold and striking colors, dark wood tones, crystal chandeliers for a little glam. Sourcing and developing pieces that have a story, soul, and are of high quality and meant to last.

4. Dark woods: Bid adieu to blonde wood and say hello to warmer shades. There will be a continuing shift toward darker wood tones. Expect to see warmer, dark wood flooring as well as furniture and accents.

5. Plenty of Patterns: Clean white and neutral walls are on their way out. We have seen neutral colors for what feels like eternity. Homeowners are craving homes with character, personality and a bit of “wow”. Now, it's time for patterns, texture and mixing things up. From wallpaper to furniture and textiles, it’s about making a statement. We are seeing classic stripes, whimsical floral, botanicals and modern motifs.

We will continue highlight some of the top design trends of 2024 in our next blog and how you can incorporate easy tips to use these design trends to make your home uniquely yours.

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