Design Trends part II

As we continue to explore our design trends of 2024, we will focus on simple tips that you can incorporate to bid farewell to the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary. 

Vintage Vibes:

What’s old is new again.  Vintage is back and should be celebrated.  Vintage pieces are not only a great way to incorporate unique pieces into your décor they can also be a smart value.  Whether you have some pieces you love from your grandparents or find some vintage pieces while shopping locally you can create talking points and conversation when entertaining your family and friends.  We have a vintage NY city bus roll hanging on our living room wall.  It’s a piece that has a history and tells a story.   Find your favorite vintage pieces to make your own story.

Layered Interiors

2024 will be all about layering on the style…pillows, throws, new objects with old ones. “We want to aim to create intentional spaces using layering.  Layering found objects, such as vintage decor pieces against new pieces of furniture will help exude that sense of a thoughtfully curated home.

Want an easy way to layer? Try placing a throw blanket on the end of your sofa or bed and accenting the room with coordinating throw pillows to make the space feel even more inviting.

Nature inspired design:

Nature-inspired continues to reign supreme as designers, homeowners, and businesses gravitate towards bringing the outdoors in. We’re talking lush greenery, earthy colors, eco-friendly materials, and creating a soothing atmosphere. Sustainability continues to be in the spotlight in 2024’s interior design trends.


Lastly, our final trend in 2024 is bringing in metallic pieces in your home furnishings. A metallic finish is a new interior trend, from kitchen cabinets to coffee tables and shelving systems. Metallics will add a touch of luxury and coolness.  Silver tones and chrome (not just in the kitchen) are becoming more popular.

If you’re looking to incorporate metallic shades into your home decor, consider opting for chrome-finished furniture such as coffee tables or accent chairs to create a modern and sleek look.  You could also introduce metallic frames for mirrors and artworks to add a touch of sophistication.

Simple touches, such as, silver-toned accessories like vases and candle holders can complement the overall theme.

Make your home inviting, warm, and functional in 2024.  Have fun incorporating some of these design trends and the design trends in our first blog.  Need some help to bring your ideas to life?  Stop by Homestead Princeton and speak with one of our talented designers.


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