Creating the Perfect Table for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is by far our favorite holiday because it is family - Gathering around the table, catching up with our families and being thankful for all of our blessings. The world just seems to fade away for those few hours that we're all gathered around the dinner table.

When creating your perfect table for the holidays, the most important thing to keep in mind is that there truly is no right or wrong when setting the table. Here are a few items that we encourage you to remember when creating your tablescape for the holidays.


Choose a theme and carry it throughout your home. It makes your space more cohesive and allows all your rooms to easily come together.

Mixing color give visual interest to the eye. Instead of using the traditional autumn colors, try jewel tones for a punch. Homestead carries 40 colors of tapered candles that will match any placesetting or décor.

Remember all 5 senses. Taste, touch, smell, sight, & sound. Hopefully taste is covered…the well-seasoned turkey, tasty gravy and plentiful sides are all thoughtfully planned. Having different texture and patterns layered together give the table depth. Fresh greens or rosemary at each placesetting, not only provides texture, but also smell fantastic. Use twine to tie sprigs to name cards or floral wire to make small wreaths. The hunter green hue will pair beautifully with almost any color palate.

Scented candles greet your guests with a warm and inviting feeling to your home. Also, consider playing soft music in the background to make the home feel calm and inviting.

Lastly and most importantly is to spend time and enjoy your company, Whether you’re hosting a large party, or a small one, enjoy the time with your loved ones and take the opportunity to slow down for a moment. Give thanks. Savor your blessings. Connect. On a day of gratitude, look around and remember all you are thankful for.

From all of us at Homestead Princeton – We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!


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