Create a WOW! factor with custom barnwood and barn beams.

Homestead Princeton loves reclaimed, repurposed, materials that make a design statement. Using barnwood beams is a fantastic way to infuse a space with rustic charm and character. Here are some ideas on how to incorporate barnwood beams to create a beautiful and inviting environment:

1. Ceiling Beams:

Install barnwood beams on the ceiling to add a striking architectural element. This can create a cozy elegant atmosphere that is sure to catch the eye. We customize our beams for our customers with size and reclaimed wood.

2. Mantel or Fireplace Surround:

Use barnwood beams to construct a stunning mantel or fireplace surround. The weathered texture of the wood will add warmth and character to the space.


3. Accent Wall:

Install barnwood beams or our rustic barnwood on a wall to create an eye-catching accent. This works well in living rooms, dining rooms, or bedrooms. You can choose from a variety or stains or paint.


4. Shelving and Storage:

Craft shelves or storage units using barnwood beams can add a unique element to your home. This not only adds functionality to a space but also introduces a rustic design element. We love the look of floating shelves to add dimension and functionality to your space.

5. Kitchen Island or Countertop:

Incorporate barnwood beams or salvaged wood into your kitchen design by using them as supports for a countertop or as the countertop material itself. We have designed beautiful kitchen islands for our customers.

6. Furniture Pieces:

We design unique one of kind furniture from barnwood and salvaged wood. Pieces such as dining tables, coffee tables, benches, desks, beds/dressers and conference tables can be customized for any design aesthetic.

7. Bathroom Vanity:

Install barnwood beams or barnwood as the base for a bathroom vanity. Pair it with a rustic sink and fixtures for a charming look.

8. Wine Cellar or Bar Area:

Use barnwood beams to construct wine racks or as decorative elements in a home bar area, adding a rustic and inviting touch to the space.

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