Choosing the right work gift!

Choosing the perfect gift for office associates depends on their preferences, interests, and the nature of your relationship. Here are some general ideas that could work well in a professional setting:

1. Desk Accessories:

· High-quality notebooks or journals

· Handmade pottery coasters for desk

· Unique desk accessories such as a magnifying glass, hourglass, handmade vase or recycled piece of art.

2. Coffee or Tea Gifts:

· Quality travel mug or thermos. Check out our chemistry of coffee thermos or personalize your thermos. Pair with gourmet coffee or tea gift basket from local Princeton coffee or tea shop. We love them all – Sakrid, Small World, Lillipies, Jammin’ Crepes, Tipple & Rose, Rojo’s, to name a few….

· Stylish coffee or tea accessories (mugs, infusers, etc.) We love our handmade pottery and Villeroy and Boch mugs and tea pots. Pair with our “Everything you need to know” books on coffee & tea.

3. Plants or Succulents:

· Low-maintenance plants or succulents for their desk

· Decorative planters or pots

4. Books:

· Books on their favorite hobbies (baking, golf, wine, etc.)

· Gift card to local book store. Check out Labyrinth Books on Nassau Street in Princeton.

5. Customized Gifts:

· Custom-made office decor or artwork. We make custom framed black and white signs that can say a phrase, a town name, etc.

· Monogrammed items such as coffee mugs, water bottle and glass, coasters, or jar for holding candy, etc.

6. Gift Baskets:

· Gourmet gift baskets with a wood cutting board, scone mix and jam.

· Customized gift baskets with theme (golf, NJ, cooking, etc.)

7. Wellness Gifts:

· Aromatherapy diffuser with essential oils

· Bath & Body gift sets.

· Best-selling Holiday candles (such as our Fraiser Fir candle or Lafco diffusers &     candles)

· Super soft scarves and gloves.

8. Favorite Place Gifts:

* Whether a dish towel, glass or even a higher end, hand embroidered pillow, our Geography gifts (states, cities, and even universities) are always a fan favorite.


9. Gift Cards:

* Gift cards to local area stores & restaurants. We love local and supporting local keeps our Mom & Pop stores in business.

Remember to consider any cultural or personal preferences when choosing a gift. It's also a good idea to keep the gift professional and avoid anything too personal or potentially offensive in a workplace setting.

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