"All Natural"

Now there’s a term that’s bandied about a lot these days, whether it’s your yogurt, your quinoa or what seems like every other item on the grocer’s shelf.  Here at Homestead Princeton, we also do “natural,” but we’re working in the realm of wood and not food.  We have access to a large number of 100 to 200 year old wooden barns, mills, and other disused structures across New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, and our master craftsmen turn these characterful pieces of history into beautiful, functional, heirloom quality tables and chairs, carefully preserving the story held within the wood itself.  With repurposing being very trendy these days, Homestead Princeton is pleased to not only be a part of this but to have started down this path over seven years ago - preserving the past by reinterpreting it for today’s world.

We can make almost anything you can dream up, from a custom hutch to a built-in media cabinet for an awkward alcove in your home.  Dining tables, occasional tables, chairs, benches, consoles, bedroom sets, beams, actual doors - the list goes on.  And the finishes?  Beautiful paints, with some colors evoking the barns that the wood came from; rich stains; wash paints that allow the grain to show through.  Come by Homestead Princeton to see some of these pieces in person, as that’s the best way to experience the character and solidity of our Barnwood Collection. 

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