A Taste of Home

Ah, summertime in Princeton… Monsoon-like rains mixed with mosquito bites, bottles of chilled rose, family barbecues, trips down the shore, and the bittersweet knowledge that your 12th graders have grown up, graduated, and will be heading all over the country - or the world - in the fall. Fancy a little reminder of home to send them on their way? Local artist Jay McPhillips produces charming prints and original oil paintings of local Princeton institutions - and we’re not just talking University institutions. We’re talking Small World, the Ivy Inn, Hoagie Haven, and Kopp’s Cycles, among others, with each print costing under $20.00 and his original oils starting around $250.00.  Come on by to see Homestead Princeton’s selection of Jay’s work and maybe you’ll end up buying one or two for yourself as well!

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