1970’s décor inspiration

The seventies weren’t all about platform shoes, lava lamps and shag carpet. One of the big design trends we are seeing in 2022 is inspiration from this groovy decade. Just as the clean lines of mid-century modern have been enjoying popularity over the past several years, furniture and interior designers, alike are embracing the textures, colors and shapes that give a gentle nod to 1970s.

Touches incorporating a bit of nostalgia, such as nubby fabrics, along with rounded arms, backs and frames of upholstered furniture have made their presence known through the industry. We may not see rotary phones or 70’s linoleum floors, but we are definitely seeing more “1970s” colors of terracotta, sage and mustard in our sofas, occasional chairs, throws and pillows.

We are also seeing bold pattern and colors in our paint colors and art work.

Unsure if you are ready to return to a very Brady household? It’s easy to start small and incorporate some 70’s inspiration in a modern context. It could be as simple as painting your front door red or orange to add that pop of color.

Instead of purchasing that bold color sofa, think about accent pieces. Maybe two occasional chairs or a bold throw and pillows to add a healthy dose of color. You can also add flare by brining 70’s inspired art to your home.

Textured and bold designs can bring inspiration to any room. You can also focus on picking a cheery color of yellow or terracotta for an accent wall in your kitchen or bathroom.

Lastly, remembering your family and adding a piece of nostalgia with your shelf décor. Family treasures are great for displaying on shelves. Pick pictures from your favorite vacations or family memories to frame and display. Make your space inspiring and happy.

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