Homestead Princeton

Cooper Old Fashioned Cocktail Mixer

Let these infused cocktail cubes play bartender for you. Made in Blue Bell, PA, the cubes are pre-mixed flavor blends. Keep �em chilling in the freezer until you�re ready to pop one in a glass of alcohol (or seltzer for a mocktail). Whether you prefer things shaken or stirred, these tasty cubes are sure to whet your whistle. Instructions: Freeze. Peel back foil, pop out cube. Drop into bourbon or rye and stir or shake to mix Blood Oranges develop their signature color during cool, Sicilian fall and winter nights. Their hue ranges from a streaked ruby blush to a deep maroon color. Known locally as Arancia Rossa di Sicilia, this beautiful fruit is typically less acidic and sweeter than other oranges. Their raspberry-like tartness acts as the perfect base in Herb & Lou�s take on the original Whiskey Cocktail, with classic ingredients like Brandied Cherries and Artisanal Bitters. The addition of extracted Ginger adds a unique complexity to this time-honored favorite which is never sweet, always smart. We bet you can�t drink just one.

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