Homestead Princeton

Bendy Yeti

The Bendy Yeti is a great stocking option with its cute white fur with blue, hands, feet, face and ears. Tuck this 5-inch tall yeti into a pocket or backpack; he's ready to lead kids on new adventures. From the top of his frozen blue nose to his stretchiness, this is a great toy option that won't break the bank. He comes with his arms up to welcome you to his world with a big Hello! Made from sturdy PBR, the Bendy Yeti lives up to both names; he's super bendy for lots of fun but also is a mythical yeti. There's something stress-relieving about bending a Bendy Yeti. Gift this figurine to someone missing colder temperatures or celebrating a birthday. Size: 4"L x 3.5"W x 5"H.

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